20 Years of Innovation at HCIC

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At this year’s Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) in Las Vegas — the 20th anniversary of the event — I appeared onstage with Mayura Kumar, director of digital strategy at Advocate Health Care. In our presentation, The Uber Effect in Healthcare: Changing the Game through Hyper-Local Digital Marketing, we discussed how healthcare systems can create a better experience across the patient journey in an on-demand world. I was honored to share the moment with Mayura! Here are a few highlights of our talk, as reported by attendees on Twitter (#HCIC16):

  • On-demand is the new normal, especially with millennials. Healthcare systems such as Advocate are responding in many ways, such as moving care closer to where patients live and work. For instance, the Advocate Clinic at Walgreens leverages mobile wallets to engage consumers in the right place.
  • Patients expect not only on-demand service, but also connected experiences. The key to creating a connected experience is leveraging data that creates consistency for patients. Activating physician and location data across the digital world ensures that patients receive a consistent experience across the entire journey, from awareness to care, regardless of what device and channel they use.

As we discussed during the presentation, Advocate Health Care is applying a retail lens to make itself more responsive to patients in an on-demand, omnichannel world — across the entire patient experience. For instance, Advocate has activated a “ride there with Uber” feature for patients booking appointments, based on an Uber integration on the SIM Partners Velocity Health platform.

The event was a wellspring of thought leadership. I heard discussions on topics that spanned issues such as how healthcare systems are deploying video and generally acting more like retailers. One major takeaway for me was that healthcare systems need to build their brands around the patient experience. As Shawn Gross, chief digital strategist, healthcare practice at White Rhino, said, “Don’t slap marketing on at the last minute — build it into the experience.”

I was also inspired by the notion that to help healthcare systems lead at a time of constant change, industry professionals need to be change agent within their organizations. If being a change agent feels awkward and uncomfortable, that’s OK — it means you have people thinking.

I believe that attending conferences like HCIC is important to succeeding at a time when healthcare marketers are fighting for budgets, seeking to deliver on innovation, and pivoting to serve the commercialization of healthcare. Events such as HCIC help us figure out how to sense and respond to market trends and changes in patient behavior, such as patient adoption of  multiple channels and devices to seek care.

Finally, the event was special to SIM Partners for another reason: our Velocity Health solution was formally inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame November 8. As we discussed on our blog recently, being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame is a huge honor reserved for industry leaders such as Mayo Clinic. Thank you to Greystone for our induction and to our partner Mayura Kumar for taking the stage with me Monday afternoon! It’s been a great week for the SIM Partners team.

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