It was great being asked back to participate in David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors. Another strong analysis from the top local minds, the survey is a must read for anybody looking for insight into how Google determines which businesses should rank.

Here are the top 10 overall factors:

  1. Physical Address in City of Search(PLACE PAGE)
  2. Proper Category Associations(PLACE PAGE)
  3. Proximity of Address to Centroid(PLACE PAGE)
  4. Domain Authority of Website(WEBSITE)
  5. Quantity of Structured Citations (IYPs, Data Aggregators)(OFF-SITE)
  6. City, State in Places Landing Page Title(WEBSITE)
  7. Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews (w/text)(REVIEWS)
  8. Quality/Authority of Structured Citations(OFF-SITE)
  9. Local Area Code on Place Page(PLACE PAGE)
  10. HTML NAP Matching Place Page NAP(WEBSITE)