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Why Businesses Need Data Amplifiers

By April 25, 2016 No Comments

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It doesn’t matter how great your local content is if people fail to find you when they search for things to do, places to go, and things to buy. For many businesses, optimizing content and location data for search is the answer to being found. I totally agree in the power of optimizing your content and location data, but doing so is not enough. You also need to distribute your location data to all the places where people are conducting near me searches, whether they’re on Yelp, using GPS systems in their car, or using apps on their smart phones. Sharing your location data properly does not mean applying a paid inclusion approach across tier-two directories. It’s far more effective for a brand to focus its energies on a smaller group of high-impact “data amplifiers” complemented by a few leading vertical-market publishers. In my recently published Street Fight column, I introduce the concept of data amplifiers, which consist of publishers such as Apple and Foursquare and the data aggregators such as Neustar Localeze that share a business’s location data with publishers. Read my column to understand why a “less is more” approach to distributing your location data to amplifiers is the key to being found across the digital world. As always, contact us if you’d like to discuss more, and learn more about data amplifiers in context of a location data management strategy in The CMO’s Guide to Location Data Management, published by SIM Partners.

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