August 22, 2017

Clean Your Physician Data To Improve Patient Experience

Bad Physician Data
For healthcare providers, managing physician data should be a priority. Sure, healthcare systems and facilities are busy managing thousands of different things every day but if patients can’t easily reach the doctors at these places, then a lot of those things won’t really matter in the long term. Keeping names, addresses, office hours, phone numbers, and other details up to date is an ongoing process. Think about how often it changes when a new doctor comes on board or leaves the system or opens a new practice.

If your patients and prospective patients can’t easily find your providers, the entire experience becomes a frustrating one. This is not how you want a new patient to begin their journey with you or your providers. What’s crazy is that it’s preventable! Yet rather than focus on the basics (location data!), it’s easy to get distracted on other health tech items like revenue cycle management, telehealth, patient access solutions, and lots more. Those are important too but if patients can’t even find you when they do a simple search on their phone or computer, you can understand how critical this piece of the puzzle becomes.

This is big issue for me because I encountered plenty of bad info while searching online for a orthopedic doctor when I fractured my ankle and wrist this past April. Read my entire story here How Bad Physician Data Creates a Painful Patient Experience and learn what you can do to prevent this from happening to your patients. You will see how passionate I am about this step of the process knowing what patients go through to find you, your providers and/or your specialists. If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact me.

(Yes, that’s my ankle X-ray above.)

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