June 8, 2017

Giving Back for the Anixter Center

Give Back Resized

On June 6, some of the SIM Partner employees volunteered their morning with the clients of the Anixter Center in Lakeview on Chicago’s north side. It is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Chicagoland area that has different programming for all ages to help people with disabilities and the challenges that come with those disabilities.

From the moment we arrived that morning, we could feel the energy and support that this place offers all of its clients. Everyone that was getting dropped off was smiling and excited for the days activities. We followed Jen, who’s the head of volunteer services, and started setting up the clients favorite game, Bingo.

We set up a craft corner, a photo booth and the main event, Bingo. This way everyone could switch around and try different things. When the clients came in, you could sense the excitement. SIM Partner employees each helped a handful of the Anixter Center clients with filling up their boards, crafts, and even posing for pictures together in the photo booth. All of the clients were excited we were there and eager to tell us about themselves.

The biggest take away from this particular Give Back, was that you can get just as much out of volunteering and the people and organizations we help out do. We started off the day with the mindset that we were going into this event to help the clients of the Anixter Center, but they also helped us recognize that we need to appreciate the little things. Whenever anyone got a Bingo, they would go up to the front of the room and pick a prize from the table. Whether it was a pen or a lei, they were also so excited and happy to receive even the smallest prize. It demonstrated to us that taking a step back each day and enjoying the little things can greatly improve your point of view.

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