May 9, 2017

How to Win in a Mobile-First World

mobile first shopping

Mobile has reached a new milestone.

In 2016, mobile ad spend soared 77 percent, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Even more significantly, mobile spend accounts for more than half of all digital ad spend.


The most popular ad formats in Q42016 were, in order of popularity, search, banner, and video:


Randall, Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB, said, “Mobile fueled the internet economy in 2016, with advertisers showing their confidence in digital to achieve their marketing goals. This increasing commitment is a reflection of brands’ ongoing marketing shift from ‘mobile-first’ to ‘mobile-only’ in order to keep pace with today’s on-the-go consumers.”

This news underscores what we’ve known for some time: if you aren’t mobile, you don’t exist.

Consider some important realities as reported in analyst Mary Meeker’s most recent Internet Trends Report:

  • Americans spend 87 hours a month browsing on their smartphones, compared to 34 hours on their desktops.
  • Mobile accounts for 51 percent of the time we spend consuming digital media, compared to 42 percent for the desktop. In 2008, mobile accounted for 12 percent versus 80 percent for desktops.

Now consider purchase-related statistics courtesy of Google:

Businesses with multiple locations should understand that mobile advertising statistics are a reflection of consumer behavior. Even if you don’t advertise, look at the implications of the big picture and:

  • Understand how your customer uses mobile in context of a broader omnichannel experience and ensure your content, data, and experiences create engagement at different points in the journey. A mobile experience with a brand on Facebook and a mobile experience with a brand on Snapchat are not necessarily the same.
  • Create content that encourages next moments, or the action that occurs after someone finds you in a search. For instance, mobile wallet offers encourage consumers to come to your store as they’re on the go looking for things to do and buy.
  • Share your data with the publishers and aggregators that distribute your information across the digital world where people conduct mobile searches. We call these companies “data amplifiers” because they are crucial to making your mobile identity visible.

What are you doing to win in a mobile-first world?

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