Why You Need to Adopt the Local Marketing Adoption Curve

With 72 percent of consumers searching for local information on a smartphone visiting a store or location within five miles (and likely within five to ten minutes), the local marketing opportunity is clear. But local marketing consists of more than just optimized pages and listings — it’s a complex ecosystem that is always on and always changing. Many marketers struggle to take advantage of the local marketing opportunity because of its complex nature.

Enter the local marketing adoption curve. By taking a phased crawl, walk, run approach to building a comprehensive, cross-functional local marketing program, brands can be more visible, relevant and engaging in the eyes of their consumers and, ultimately, drive customer acquisition across hundreds to thousands of locations. In my new column for Search Engine Watch, I introduce the marketing adoption curve and discuss the concept in more detail. As you can see from my column, local marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Your ability to embrace and manage the adoption of local marketing will determine your rate of success. I encourage you to review the details and let me know where your brand lives on the local marketing adoption curve.

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Jon Schepke

Author Jon Schepke

As CEO and founder of SIM Partners, Jon and his team are pioneering the future of digital marketing for national brands at a local level. The company’s Velocity technology is a SaaS-based local marketing automation platform that helps enterprise brands — with hundreds to thousands of locations — drive customer acquisition…everywhere. Read more about Jon here.

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