February 3, 2017

Location Marketing Is Changing — Are You?

Local Marketing

Never underestimate the changing nature of location marketing.


A year ago at this time, many location marketing experts thought voice search was little more than a passing trend, and the notion that people would use emoji to do business with local brands was a novelty. Yet, in February 2017, businesses are rapidly rethinking how to optimize their local content for voice search, and startups are emerging to create commerce out of emoji-based communication. My newly published Street Fight column, “Three Ways Location Marketing Is Changing in 2017,” takes a closer look at trends shaping how people discover businesses with multiple locations.


As I mention in the column, the fundamentals of location marketing remain as relevant as ever: businesses that operate multiple locations need to create contextual content, unleash location data, and provide compelling experiences to convert consumer searches into sales. But people are searching differently. They’re using emoji, voice commands, and social media to find what they want on demand through a variety of channels and devices. As a result, businesses need to be more nimble and imaginative in the way they convert online searches into offline sales.


Read my column for more insight, and contact us to discuss how we can help you build your business locally with our Velocity platform.

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