August 2, 2017

Why aren’t you making your content more shareable?

Make your content shareable

In my recent column at Becker’s Health IT, Improve patient experience by making your website content shareable, I discuss the importance of making healthcare content shareable on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, this is advice that can be applied to any brand sites, blogs or businesses that have relevant web content that can be shared by their targeted audience.

Often a customer’s first interaction with your business is through your website. Yet many websites fail when it comes to making their valuable content shareable; social share buttons are absent or hidden on most pages creating an obstacle for those visitors wanting to save and/or send that info to their personal network. Simplify this process for them by making all your content easily shareable. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’m on a website, retailer or publisher, and cannot locate an easy way to share a page to my social feeds. Don’t make me scroll to the bottom of your long review or article in order to share it. Don’t make me copy the URL then open another tab, go to Facebook, then paste. Just place easy-to-find share buttons on every page of your site.

Seriously. Why make it *harder* for your visitors to share content that you’ve usually put a tremendous amount of effort to create? Take a look at your website to see how it stacks up.

For more insight on how you can make your content shareable, please read my entire column on Becker’s Hospital Review. If you have questions or would like an evaluation of your site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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