March 30, 2017

Mind Your Entities to Succeed with Location Marketing


Google is casting its nets farther and wider to return search results — and consolidating those results more efficiently through entities. As I discuss in a new Search Engine Land column, an entity consists of a collection of information that Google reports about at topic in one convenient search result. Search for, say, “Starbucks near me,” and Google will pull information from the Starbucks corporate website, Google My Business pages, Yelp reviews, and many other sources to consolidate probable answers through an entity. Entities are becoming more important for a variety of reasons, among them the rise of voice search, which is making it possible for people to ask more complicated, detailed queries (e.g., “Where is there a Starbucks near a theater showing Logan?”) Google needs to draw from a deeper pool of information to return precise answers in a convenient knowledge graph. The rise of entities affects businesses in a number of ways, including the need to publish information across the digital world where Google retrieves information for entities. Check out my column to learn more, and contact us to discuss how we can improve your search marketing efforts.  

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