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November 3, 2015

SIM Partners Adds Deeper “Insights” to Its Velocity Platform

By Ashley Sandal

Robust New Features Include Listing Health, Demographic, Web and Ranking Insights to Strengthen Local Marketing for Enterprise Brands

Research Reveals Correlation Between Listing Health and Conversion Rates

CHICAGO (November 3, 2015) – SIM Partners, a leading provider of location-based marketing technology, today announced the launch of Velocity Insights, a new suite of features available from its local marketing automation platform, Velocity. The most comprehensive location marketing measurement tool available, Velocity Insights moves beyond simple performance metrics to provide the actionable analysis enterprise marketers need to improve the effectiveness of their local marketing efforts.

Velocity Insights provides a deeper level of understanding into the effectiveness of a brand’s local marketing strategy, ranging from the visibility and performance of its location pages to the “health” of its business listings. Velocity Insights measures listing health by applying a proprietary scoring algorithm that assesses factors such as location data accuracy and reach across the most influential data publishers and aggregators.

SIM Partners research, based on Velocity Insights Listing Health data, reveals that the healthier a brand’s location data is, the more leads and better quality leads the business will receive. Brands that increased their listing health score by 20%, in support of their listing management efforts, saw traffic to their location pages increase up to 450% and on-page action conversion rates increase by 216%.

“Data and insights are crucial components to building a strong local marketing strategy – with Velocity Insights, we have greater transparency into our listing health and can easily uncover areas of opportunity,” said Todd Beurman, SVP of Marketing, Shoe Carnival. “Additionally, Velocity Insights arms us with a deeper understanding of demographic data, website analytics and keyword rankings to further elevate our content strategy and drive more consumers to convert.”

“Velocity Insights was built to help enterprise brands drive market leadership by scaling the performance of their local marketing efforts across thousands of locations,” said Jon Schepke, CEO, SIM Partners. “By providing clear insights into the true health of location data, as well as demographic, web, and ranking insights to optimize performance, we’re giving our clients a competitive advantage to win in the ‘near me’ moments of discovery.”

Velocity Insights includes four key components that allow enterprises to gain competitive advantage through greater transparency into their listing health, as well as access to analytics to inform and improve their content strategies. Velocity Insights features include:

  • Listing Health – Based on a proprietary scoring algorithm, Listing Health measures the accuracy and visibility of a brand’s business listings across the entire local ecosystem. By understanding its listing health score, a brand can prioritize listing management efforts to be visible in “near me” moments of discovery on the most influential platforms where consumers spend their time.
  • Demographic Insights – Provides an aggregate, privacy-safe portrait of site visitors – from demographic data to likes and interests – to help brands tailor content to their audiences.
  • Ranking Insights – Enables better content strategies aimed to increase organic search engine rankings by monitoring how well location pages are performing in major search engines, based on key search terms.
  • Web Insights – Provides top-level insights about the performance of location pages, including where referral traffic is coming from, which pages have a high bounce rate, how long consumers are spending on a page and other performance trends.

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About SIM Partners

SIM Partners’ local marketing automation technology, Velocity, maximizes digital marketing results for enterprise brands at a local level. By making location data actionable and local content scalable, Velocity drives customer acquisition for national brands across thousands of physical locations. With Velocity, national brands can create location-based offers to turn “near me” mobile searches into offline conversions. Velocity includes a powerful location data management tool to drive listing visibility, a content management system that automates the creation of location-based content and experiences, and a robust insights platform to inform local content strategies. SIM Partners has offices in Chicago and San Francisco. To learn more, or request a demo, visit