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Improve Patient Experience By Making Your Website Content Shareable

Publishing useful content, such as insight into wellness care issues, is an increasingly important strategy for healthcare providers to generate awareness and to build credibility with people looking for care. But let’s face it: getting content noticed is harder and harder. Healthcare systems do need to spend more time getting their share buttons in order. Why? Because share buttons, when used well, are powerful tools to make great healthcare content more visible and engaging and improve the patient experience.

Why Voice Search is the Future

Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business. The uptake is not surprising. Voice is a natural form of communication, but it’s taken some time for voice-activated technologies to get smart enough to communicate with us. Now voice is so effective that talking with objects is as easy as talking with humans.

How to be like Amazon with your patient experience

You often read about the “retailing of healthcare” in context of healthcare systems providing more patient-friendly environments, loyalty programs, and better service. The irony is that the retail industry is struggling through an upheaval caused by the advent of Amazon. Healthcare systems may do well to adopt the Amazon model for service.

Why location marketers need to embrace whimsical, visual storytelling

The fact that major publishers such as Facebook and Google are pushing their ecosystem toward a visual future is reason alone for businesses to take a closer look at how they use all forms of visual storytelling to attract and retain customers locally. An equally influential catalyst consists of consumer behavior.

5 Ways Healthcare Systems Can Succeed With Online Advertising

Healthcare systems with the resources to invest into performance media such as paid search and display ads can certainly do a more effective job attracting patients to their doors. But online advertising does not deliver automatic benefits. Only healthcare systems that invest wisely into online advertising will reap a reward. Here are five tips for getting the most of online advertising:

3 Location Marketing Lessons That Healthcare Brands Can Teach Other Industries

You often see the healthcare industry singled out as a location marketing follower. When the location marketing experts discuss best practices, they focus on industries like retail. When healthcare systems get mentioned (if at all), you inevitably read comments such as, “Healthcare is still playing catch-up” or “Healthcare systems are getting better at local marketing because they are adopting retail best practices.” In fact, the healthcare industry can teach many other industries a lot about location marketing.

Dark Horse No More: Three Reasons Why Pinterest Is Killing It

Opinion: It’s time for brands to give Pinterest a closer look. Here are three reasons why: Snapchat is getting all of the PR, and Facebook is too big for anyone to ignore. But while investors and digital digerati watch every move of the social media front-runners, Pinterest just keeps growing and growing.

10 ways to improve your business locators

Multilocation businesses often have store locators, but many aren’t making the most of them. Columnist Adam Dorfman suggests ways to optimize your locator to provide a better user experience and increase conversions.

Embracing digital healthcare in a multicultural world

It is no surprise that America is becoming increasingly racially and culturally diverse.

According to Pew Research Center’s study published in 2015, as high as 14 percent of the U.S. population is foreign born, three times higher than in 1965. A striking number of 350 different tongues are spoken in the United States, and in major metropolitan areas of the country, English is actually a minority language.

SIM Partners raises $5 million

Marketing-technology company SIM Partners raised another $5 million from investors River Cities Capital Funds in Cincinnati and Chicago-based Jump Capital.