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Marketing is Local at Shoe Carnival

Most consumers would prefer to buy products from nearby stores. Shoe Carnival Inc., an Evansville, Indiana-based specialty footwear retailer with 404 stores, is responding to that preference with a new local marketing initiative.

New Google Logo Has Apple in its Crosshairs

Normally a brand unveiling a new visual identity is important news only to the brand’s employees, their families, and their friends. But when Google changes its visual identity, the whole world responds.

Beyond Listing Management: Why You Need a Location Data Strategy

Everything you knew about listing management has changed. Listing management is more than a “paid listings” tactic on tier-two search engines that fails to convert to customers. Additionally, listing management is more than a foundation for local SEO. Listing management has evolved into an owned-media strategy fueled by location data to grow your brand in the mobile era.

How SMBs Can Respond to the ‘Uber Effect’

As Google noted recently, half of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphones visit a store within 24 hours — and 18 percent of those searches result in purchases within a day. In fact, the collapse of the customer lifecycle via mobile search looks like a microcosm of a larger move toward more convenience and faster service. Local businesses need to be aware of this opportunity, and respond accordingly.

The Race for the Local Web

Proximity is influencing the digital landscape more so than ever before as shoppers want access to products and services as quickly as possible. Whether it’s choosing the closest brick-and-mortar or the fastest delivery/pick-up option for a product they found online, Internet users are proving speed and convenience rule the digital day.