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The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery

The patient experience is becoming an omnichannel journey on demand. Succeeding in an omnichannel world requires healthcare systems to provide connected patient experience across the entire patient journey, from awareness to choosing care.

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The CMO’s Guide to Omnichannel Discovery

Your customers are on an omnichannel journey. How is your business responding?

Consumers can order a pizza on Amazon Echo, buy clothing on Pinterest, and use their cars as search engines to find a cup of coffee. Shoppers comfortably navigate multiple devices and channels to find brands. Businesses that operate multiple locations need to create a smooth journey across channels and devices to attract omnichannel consumers.

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The Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Building a Physician Directory

Your physician directory is the digital front door for your healthcare system. Often times, the digital experience may start before a potential patients visits a hospital’s website — and the effectiveness of your physician directory can mean the difference between a site visitor becoming your patient or leaving your site.

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The Transparency Triangle: Three Essential Elements of Healthcare Transparency

Is your healthcare system transparent enough to help patients find care in an on-demand world?

A new guide from Amanda L. Bury, SIM Partners’ Managing Director of Healthcare, helps healthcare systems understand transparency in a broader context so that you can deliver the experience patients expect when choosing a healthcare provider.

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The Retail Banking Guide to Location Data Management

Welcome to the age of the mobile consumer. Mobile devices are now an all-in-one for banking online and finding branches nearby for offline service. Retail banks need to be present during those near me moments of need. The Retail Banking Guide to Location Data Management, newly published by SIM Partners, shows retail banks how to attract mobile consumers to offline branches by treating location data as a competitive weapon.

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The Healthcare Marketer’s Guide To Location Data Management

Welcome to the age of the mobile consumer.

Patients empowered with mobile devices are acting like informed consumers, making healthcare look more like retail. To succeed with mobile consumers, and attract quality patients, healthcare systems need to treat location data as a competitive advantage.

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The CMO’s Guide To Location Data Management

Welcome to the age of the mobile consumer.

Today, the mobile consumer calls the shots for any enterprise – particularly those that want to attract consumers to their brick-and-mortar locations. And to succeed with the mobile consumer, marketers need to harness the power of location data to create a competitive advantage.

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The Enterprise Guide to Beacons

Are beacons a hype or the next big thing in local marketing?

Beacons can be valuable if you use them to deploy mobile wallet offers that create “the next moment,” or a concrete action that leads to a sale. Coupling beacons with a strong mobile wallet offer in context of a local marketing strategy will deliver customers to your register, not just to your storefront.

Get The Enterprise Guide to Beacons to find out if beacons are the right fit for your business, and uncover the role mobile wallets and beacons play in the future of local marketing.

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2015 Holiday Retail Guide:
From Mobile Search to In-Store Sales

Mobile is the battleground to win customers this holiday season. Nearly seven out of 10 consumers will browse more frequently from smartphones or tablets than they did last holiday season, and 60 percent will buy more often from their phones or tablets.

How can retailers turn those mobile moments into foot traffic for their stores?

The answer is to own the next moment of holiday shopping, such as creating compelling mobile wallet offers or making it easy for mobile searchers to reserve inventory before they come into the store. Get the “2015 Holiday Retail Guide: From Mobile Search to In-Store Sales,” and learn how to convert mobile consumers into customers.

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Local Search Marketing
For Enterprise Brands

Local marketing need not be a mystery, and to that end, we have written “Local Search Marketing for Enterprise Brands” to get senior marketers better acquainted with the topic. By sharing some local marketing principles, and key elements of a successful program, we seek to help you get more comfortable making local marketing an essential part of your branding strategy. With mobile search on the rise, along with consumer expectations for more personal experiences, the opportunity is clear: local marketing is your opportunity to create more relevant relationships with customers at scale.

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Local SEO Platforms Buyer’s Guide
Enterprise Edition

This buyer’s guide for Local SEO platforms is geared towards helping enterprise brands with large local footprints understand and assess their needs to drive local customer acquisition. There are a variety of tools and tactics to evaluate and it can be confusing when selecting the best software for your organization. Download this extensive guide to understand what to look for when selecting the best local SEO tool.

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Brief: The Local Marketing Opportunity
Showcase your national brand where it matters most.

With nearly 80% of local shopping searches converting via mobile, technologies primed to handle issues of scale, and advertisers looking for incremental lift, local digital marketing can give marketing leadership professionals a leg up.

Download this report to understand the benefits that local digital marketing provides as well as how you can use search marketing to launch local digital operations.

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Uncovering the Benefits of
Local Search Marketing
A Forrester Thought Leadership Paper

Brands that deploy local search strategies see real benefits such as improved brand awareness and lead quality — but many multi-location brands still struggle to implement local search, too. That’s a key finding in a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by SIM Partners. Download the study or view the webinar to learn more about the findings.