February 1, 2017

SIM Partners Earns Funding and Industry Recognition

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SIM Partners Earns Funding and Industry Recognition

These are exciting times for SIM Partners. Today we announced that we have secured $5 million in funding to drive customer acquisition with our Velocity platform. As discussed in a press release, our investors are excited about SIM Partners because of great work we do and the industry recognition we’ve received — such as a newly published Forrester report that features SIM Partners as one of the elite location management platform providers.


The report, “Vendor Landscape: Location Management Platforms,” by analyst Collin Colburn, identifies the top location management platforms that help businesses with multiple locations drive customer acquisition. Forrester names SIM Partners as one of only six providers that offer a full range of capabilities to enable consumer discovery for physical locations.


Those capabilities include support for local listings, landing pages, local customer reviews, local paid search, local display, and local paid social. The report, available exclusively to Forrester clients, also identifies a number of ways that businesses can leverage the value of location platforms like ours, such as enabling discovery across a wide variety of channels.


The Forrester report also articulates why location marketing platforms like Velocity are becoming more strategic to businesses that operate multiple locations. Especially as consumers find brands through increasingly diverse channels, businesses increasingly need outside help — to do the heavy lifting needed to share their location data, but also to provide expertise such as organic search and paid media. Because of Velocity’s depth and breadth, SIM Partners is a preferred choice. Contact us to discuss how we can help you attract and retain customers with location marketing.

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