February 27, 2017

SIM Partners Unveils Velocity Health Website

simhealth website

The SIM Partners Velocity Health platform helps healthcare systems acquire and engage with patients anytime, anywhere.

Those are the first words you see when you visit the newly launched SIM Partners Velocity Health website. With our new website, we have created an experience that will drive access and engagement with our own customers, leading healthcare systems. As you’ll see when you visit the site, this is an experience that focuses on solving for your needs in healthcare and what you need to know to understand how we can help you.


With this website launch we are articulating a vision for Velocity Health and our clients. That vision is all about using technology to improve patient acquisition and retention for healthcare systems, private practice, and retail health. We want to help you engage your patients where they live, work, and play by transforming the patient/provider experience and deliver the care your patients deserve.


Businesses inside and outside healthcare often think of location marketing platforms such as Velocity as tools to drive patient access at scale. Indeed, Velocity Health makes it possible for healthcare systems to acquire more patients by making providers and facilities more easily findable through accurate provider location data, data management, and optimized provider pages.


Additionally we believe healthcare systems have a tremendous opportunity to retain patients by empowering their providers to find and refer other providers within their networks. As mentioned on our site, we apply our search background to develop user-friendly patient-facing find-a-physician directories to create similar search tools behind the firewall for physicians to use, too.


Velocity Health goes beyond patient access and retention. Professional services and products like paid media, mobile proximity campaigns, and provider directories that can improve patient engagement complement the platform. Take a moment to explore the new Velocity Health website and learn more about how we can improve patient access and retention through our location-based technology platform. We welcome your feedback. Meanwhile, contact us if you would like to discuss more on how we can help you apply technology to drive patient acquisition and retention.



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