October 17, 2016

Why Brands Need to Understand Prompted Search

business man clicking internet search page on computer touch screen

How many times have you heard about a product through an advertisement, pulled out your mobile phone, and searched for a store that carries it? I call this phenomenon prompted search. Businesses need to understand this consumer behavior to maximize the value of their top-of-the-funnel brand building activities.

Prompted searches are triggered by two types of events: one that a business creates itself, such as a product launch, or an external event that a business capitalizes on to build awareness, such as the World Series. For instance, a restaurant chain might offer drink specials to its Chicago-area customers while the Chicago Cubs are playing in the Major League Baseball playoffs. The restaurant needs to remember that patrons hearing about the promotion will naturally go online to search for the address and hours of their nearest location. The restaurant’s location data had better be up to date, including both the fundamental name, address, and phone data as well as attributes such as whether the location offers free parking.

In my new Street Fight column, I discuss prompted search in more detail. Please check it out, and contact us to discuss how SIM Partners can improve your location marketing efforts.

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