August 8, 2017

Using Organic Tactics to Improve Performance

organic tactics improves performance

Your investment in paid media to drive traffic to your webpages is only part of the strategy for a well-rounded online marketing approach. To improve the performance of your pages means applying both paid and organic tactics that ultimately will increase traffic and conversions.

The organic tactics include optimizing content on your physician pages and putting your physician directory to work for you. Advice we give to clients that want to take an organic approach to first to know what you want to measure, mind your data, and optimize for mobile. It doesn’t make any sense to apply organic tactics to a shaky foundation.

We discuss this in our post on improving the performance of your pages with organic tactics; if you master these tactics, you’ll be well on your way to improving traffic and conversions. Also, you’ll need to apply these tactics ongoing to really maximize your efforts. You can read more about this in our recently published post, 7 Organic Tactics to Improving the Performance of Your Physician Pages.

What we’ve suggested is just a start. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Contact us to find out how we can help you be found.

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