March 28, 2017

Why Brands Need to Take a Closer Look at Pinterest — ASAP

Why-Brands-Need-to-Take-a-Closer-Look-at-Pinterest----ASAPConstant Innovation. Strong growth. An engaged user base. No, I’m not talking about Snapchat. In my new Adweek/Social Times column, I share reasons why Pinterest is the social platform to watch. Pinterest might not always get the headlines that Snapchat and Facebook earn, but the app continues to succeed. In fact, as I note in my column, Pinterest is exceeding analysts’ growth projections. One of the reasons Pinterest continues to attract brands and customers is the platform’s ability to innovate. For instance, Pinterest recently introduced Lens, which uses artificial intelligence to make it easier for people to find images on Pinterest. Image-based search has clear and valuable applications in a number of industries, especially retail. Check out my column and contact us to discuss how you integrate Pinterest into your location marketing strategies.

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