July 11, 2017

Why Voice Search Is The Future

Voice recognition and Voice Search

“Voice search is taking over my home. And soon, it will take over your business” writes Jon Schepke in his recent column for Street Fight. Jon shows that technology and natural communication are beginning to align more and more; making sure your business can keep up is critical to the future of your company. In his column, Jon shares how voice search has become part of his family’s lifestyle from how they engage with their devices to how he uses it to help run SIM Partners. More importantly, Jon discusses the growth in voice search and practical business uses now and what we can expect in the future.

Read the entire column Why Voice Search Is the Future and leave your comments about how you use voice search in your daily routine and where you think it is going in the future. If you have questions around optimizing for voice search, SIM can help. Contact us today.

One Response to “Why Voice Search Is The Future”

Dereck GligorijevicJuly 24th, 2017 at 7:53 am

Voice search is definitely a hot topic among the search marketing people 🙂

I checked Jon’s post you shared here – there are some cool insights about what Google, Amazon and Apple are doing in this field at the moment!

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