Regional Bank Increases Conversions on Location Pages by 29% with Velocity

When you’re competing with much larger banks in your market, it’s essential that all of your locations are visible in the moments when people are looking for them – especially on mobile devices. To do this, the bank needed a comprehensive local search strategy that included individual location pages, an efficient locator tool, and a focused business listing management effort. Leveraging Velocity, the bank is now able to deliver contextually relevant, location-specific content that is optimized for search and mobile. As a result, they saw a 54% increase in visits to their location pages and can now compete with large national banks by being visible and relevant in their customers’ moments of need.

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The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery

The patient experience is becoming an omnichannel journey on demand. Succeeding in an omnichannel world requires healthcare systems to provide connected patient experience across the entire patient journey, from awareness to choosing care. Download The Healthcare Guide to Omnichannel Discovery from SIM partners to learn how.

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