Location Data Management:

Findable and accurate information everywhere.

Velocity Location Data Management goes beyond just business listing management by making your location data an owned and actionable asset. This broad-reaching approach increases your brand’s visibility and accuracy across the entire discovery ecosystem by managing, distributing, and monitoring your location data so you are present in the moments where and when people are looking—no matter the platform or device.

Our Process:


Understand and improve your location data health.

Gain transparency into your location data health and uncover opportunities for improvement by drilling into performance at the domain, individual location, or micro market level. Velocity’s Location Data Health Score is a proprietary measurement that tracks your listing presence and accuracy so you can prioritize your efforts to improve your overall health as efficiently as possible.


Velocity builds and maintains powerful and scalable location data assets following these steps:
Consolidate & Cleanse:

Aggregate and standardize location data—such as location name, address, phone number, website URL, and hours of operation—from all your data sources to create the most robust listings possible and one source of truth for your location data.


Increase your visibility on search terms important to your business with automatic and thorough categorization of your data per each data amplifier’s specifications.


Keep your business listings accurate with ongoing updates to your location data. Continue to improve your visibility by accounting for the on-going changes to the category taxonomies used by each data amplifier.


Be everywhere. Reach everyone.

Amplify the power of your location data by unleashing it across the entire local ecosystem. Velocity partners with data amplifiers that distribute and publish your location data so that it is correct and visible everywhere consumers are looking.

With this approach, your location data is distributed to key local search amplification points making your data accessible to smaller sites, and more importantly, to hundreds of thousands of developers — so your brand will be visible in the next big app.

Data Publishers
Data Aggregators