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Drive Online to Offline Conversions with Velocity

Velocity Wallet

Drive in-store traffic by promoting coupons and offers on location pages. Increase in-store sales by leveraging beacons and latitude/longitude data to message to consumers based on proximity.

Call Tracking

Assign call tracking numbers by location to drive conversions and measure the effectives of your local marketing efforts.

Custom Calls to Action

Move consumers to the “next” moment by customizing your calls to action on local pages with click to call, scheduling widgets, email sign-ups, and more.

Create custom localized pages by combining corporate and location-specific content using Velocity’s Local Content Library.

Connect with consumers wherever they are with pages that are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Access Velocity’s Local Content Library and quickly localize corporate messaging to create engaging local experiences and calls to action.

Display reviews for specific locations to build trust and inform the consumer decision making process.

Easily distribute local and global information across all your pages and keep pages up-to-date as your local data changes.

Velocity provisions multiple versions of the same content to various location pages and uses dynamic insertion to avoid search engine penalties due to duplicative content.

Pages are created with optimized meta descriptions, title tags, and URLs and leverage microformatting markup such as

Pages use flat HTML design to accelerate page load time and page indexing, which is an important factor in SEO.

Mobile-responsive pages and locators help you be found on all devices, which became extremely important after Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm update.

Customize search and filter options, and provide autocomplete search functionality to improve user experience.

Drive the “next” moment of interaction with links to location pages, click to calls, directions, and more to move consumers through the conversion funnel.

Solve for shared locations, store-within-a-store and other complex hyper-local data scenarios.

Configure map pins and brand maps to personalize your locator.

Make your locator accessible to consumers on any device.

Access all brand approved content—including images, videos, coupons, and content blocks—that individual location page managers can customize and use on their pages.

Based on user access levels, content can be generated, moderated, and published across all your location pages.

Use geo-modifiers and dynamic insertion to easily localize corporate messages for all your locations to improve user experience.

Plan ahead and schedule when posts will go live—hours, days, weeks, or months in advance.

Moderate posts before they go live to ensure every message is on-brand and use blacklist words to avoid problematic posts.

Monitor specific keywords or social conversations happening near your locations and respond to those that are relevant.

Share relevant content from Velocity’s Local Content Library with your social audiences across locations and multiple social networks.

Leverage enhanced security features to process and secure data with Velocity’s Elevated Security Environment, which is fully supported by audit assistance during FINRA, HIPAA, and GLBA regulatory examinations and reviews.

Choose from pre-approved content in Velocity’s Local Content Library or submit content to be approved by a corporate moderator.

Assign users different permissions—view, edit, moderate, or publish— to manage workflows for ultimate brand security.

Uber Integration

Velocity’s Uber integration allows a “Ride there with Uber” button to be placed on mobile-optimized location pages so brands can connect and convert in the last mile of marketing and literally drive customers to their doorsteps. This accelerates the consumer journey and provides marketers insight into online to offline behavior.